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Teachers can be known to be the most patient of all the professions. We, as educators, constantly try to satisfy the demands of our peers, administrators, parents, not to mention our families, all the while trying to make sure our students are prepared to become life-long learners that leave little to no time for us to spend on our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. We are constantly under stress and can burn out quickly, which means neither the students nor we benefit and we have inadvertently involved ourselves in a no-win situation.

A teacher’s energy and mood can affect the students and the tranquillity of the classroom. If teachers are mindful, their positive vibes will turn the class into a peaceful sanctuary where holistic learning will take place. Students will be actively engaged, ready to reach their full potential, and will be more open to participating in class. An active learning environment will reduce anxiety and stress for both the learner and the teacher.

Ideal Consultant programs are unique, customised and provide hands-on workshops that encourage collaborative and reflective practices. As mindful educators, we aim to coach and support teachers to improve their instructional practices and student outcomes to build a resilient, compassionate, and caring school system for teachers, students, and their families.



Committed to Excellence


To shift teaching practices in schools towards more effective and stress-free learning experiences, as well as to nurture the differences in cultures and bring them together.

Mission Statement

Ideal Systems aims to empower schools by equipping teachers with strategies to mindfully engage students in classrooms and foster a learning experience that is enjoyable for both teachers and students.

Our hands-on approach to applying student-center strategies in classrooms will be performed through school visits while continuously supporting teachers with their lesson plan designs that meet their learning objectives.

We promote the Global Citizenship program by coaching teachers to develop skillfully planned class projects that not only integrate all subject areas but also allow the students to connect with other schools worldwide.


 Ideal Systems is committed to the principle of integrity, and we whole-heartedly believe in honesty, trust, respect, and responsibility. We believe that these values are essential to the success of our mission as educators.

We collaborate with professionals and cultivate mutual trust through honesty, and promote personal and professional development by sharing our knowledge and ideas from our extensive experience in the field of teaching.

We respect all opinions and understand that time is a valuable asset; hence we aim to go beyond our abilities to satisfy the needs of our clients. We have complete confidence in the responsibilities entrusted to us by our clients, and we make sure that our programs are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each and every client.​





Raising Hands

  • Lively discussions offer life-long learning opportunities for collaboration.

  • Animated Class discussions, actively engaged students, deepens and extends their understanding.

  • Effective Questions to encourage high-level participation


Woman Tutoring Child

  • Strategies that facilitate student-centered discussions

  • Role of a teacher as a facilitator

  • Assessing student-centered discussions.

  • Instructional scaffolding to improve learning


global internationalism.jpg
  • Challenging the 21st century learners to become active global citizens

  • Hands on global citizenship projects

  • Promoting awareness of global issues

  • Collaboration with partner schools


  • Dealing with stress and anger.

  • Providing a nurturing learning environment

  • Be Responsive to students, parents and colleagues.

  • Coach students through conflicts with peers.


In the Classroom
  • Explore various forms of authentic and differentiated assessments

  • Align assessments to outcomes and standards

  • strategies for providing high-quality feedback on student progress


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  • Prepare authentic students to perform meaningful tasks in the real world

  • Competing assessment of learning to assessment for learning

  • Supporting gifted potential in a "Mixed Ability Classroom"

  • Use of technology to design and facilitate assessments and feedback


collaboration team work.jpg
  • What happened? Why? So what? Now what?

  • Improving instruction and student learning by self-reflection

  • Strategies to promote reflection on teaching


I just wanted to thank you for always supporting me, especially during the hard times. I really enjoyed your class, especially the fluorescent lab. I am sure that you have positively influenced my life. Thank you for everything Ms. Seema.

Let me just begin by saying it has been such an honor and pleasure to have experienced Ap Biology with not only a doctor but by a mother like you; I am not seen such selflessness and care from anyone at school but you: You are the only one who cared about my growth not only as a biologist but as an individual. You pushed me to my limits--expanding my knowledge in analysis and critical thinking skills essential for life.

I am writing this email to thank you for everything you have done as a teacher to guide me on the correct path and help me succeed in my future life.
E-Learning was a completely different experience and you did it well in conveying and transferring the subject information to us well. This has helped me a lot in understanding how online school works and also if we don’t have school we can still learn new things and try different things to continue on the path of learning. Thank you for everything you have done

Yesterday we had our parent conferences in KG and the students were also present. I wanted you to know that I started each meeting with a deep breathing exercise (and asked the parents to join). I had soft 'relaxing' music playing in the background just like you do in our sessions. And let me tell you, it set the mood for the short meetings and really helped me get through the day! many parents also voiced their appreciation on how the meetings started! Thank YOU!



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Raising Hands
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